System, Game, and Electronic Repair

Have an Xbox 360 with the red ring of death? Or a Playstation 3 with a broken disc tray? What about that scratched-up copy of Call of Duty? Or a retro game that needs a new internal battery replaced in the cartridge? How about the PC that won’t boot, that tablet that just isn’t right, or a phone with a cracked screen?

The Score repairs most new and old systems, most new and old games, AND most other electronic devices like computers, TVs, tablets, and even phones!

All repairs are completed by the technology experts right here in house at The Score!

System repairs can vary from just a few days to a couple of weeks, but they generally run well under the typical 3 weeks Microsoft and Sony can take. Additionally, the cost of our repairs are generally much less.

Bring your system, game, or other electronic device into our store, and let us help you get back into the game! Or, email us at