343 Industry promised post-launch support and free content for Halo 5. Well, they are delivering their first DLC this month. Welcome to Battle of Shadow and Light. 48 New REQs including Shinobi armor, Tundra Mantis, and Star Light Rifle. No official date, but they tweeted out that it will be dropping next week.


So here is hoping that it will be early not late next week.

Full list of 48 new REQs:



However, the biggest update it includes is the return of Big Team Battle. With this update there are also 4 new maps inspired by classic favorites.

Guillotine (Headlong)


Basin (Valhalla)


Deadlock (Standoff)


Recurve (Longbow)


Warzone is fun, but sometimes it is nice to have everyone on a level playing field.

However, our favorite addition is the new Assassination.



What do you guys think of this DLC?